I’m here too!

Hello world,
It is with great pleasure that I open my first personal website and my first blog;
first, let me introduce myself: I’m Riccardo, 20 years old from Italy and I’m passionate about technology, which for now I contribute for passion and I hope one day can become a job.

I open a blog because I think I have something to tell: I would like to tell you how Ubuntu Touch is developed: it is a project in which I am involved and excites me a lot. In addition to Ubuntu Touch I contribute to the promotion of Ubuntu in Italy: it is therefore easy to imagine what will be the main topic of this blog :-)

Of course I’ll talk about other things, about the technology and free software in general, with some forethought on how not to be traced deeply from all companies on the web.

I got myself as a commitment to write an article every two weeks, to be published on Monday. I hope I can keep this pace: my English is poor, so it takes me a lot to write. When you notice errors, please report. The whole site is under construction, so report bugs in the comments or in the bug tracker. As well as this blog I also keep one in Italian, updated weekly, in which I will discuss, in addition to the topics mentioned above, even about Ubuntu in Italy.

All the articles I write are freely reusable and modifiable, just sue my name, because I’m a little narcissistic :-P At the end of each article, in addition to the license on the contents, you will find a link to three articles of the previous week that I liked and that I think it’s worth reading.

As said above about the tracking, on this blog you are completely safe: your details are not shared with anyone. There isn’t Google Analytics, nor Disqus, or snippets of social networks; fonts are also uploaded my server, so you do not have to send requests to Google; later I will install a service for access statistics, but it will be open-source and resting on my server. If you decide to change the language to the site will save a cookie in your browser to remember your choice. In any case, a page for privacy is in preparation.

One last thing: the blog is responsive, so you can read it easily even from your mobile phone!

Meanwhile, on the Italian blog: Ci sono anche io!

If you have not yet read them, I recommend:
‘Mappero’ Offers Native ‘Maps’ App for Ubuntu Touch by Joey-Elijah Sneddon on OMG!Ubuntu
Riddling: a puzzle game for Ubuntu phones by Stuart Langridge.
Intel Performance With Ubuntu Linux vs. Windows 8.1 Is A Mixed Bag by Michael Larabel on Phoronix


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