One year later…

Lot of things has changed in last year in my life: I changed university, city, I started (and finished) my first course on Coursera, I started to contribute to Ubuntu and to write code, and I achieved the Ubuntu Membership and others fantastic things.

But what happened exatly one year ago? Well, I posted this image in Ubuntu community on Google+:
Ubuntu App

Seems like another era! How much work the community (and Canonical guys) have done!
This was the first time I did something for Ubuntu, a screenshot on G+. Since then I started to contribute to Ubuntu for Phones: few days later I did my first patch (nazi grammar patch :-P) and since July I started to contribute on an ongoing basis.
It has been an exciting year, I did more than 250 commits for more than 10,000 lines of code; not bad, whereas I had never programmed before and I do it in my free time. I want to continue on this way for long time :-)

But take a look on where we are. This is a screenshot on Ubuntu 14.04, on a smaller screen:

New Ubuntu Apps

Awesome! In only one year so much improvements!

The convergence strategy is fantastic, we’re building the future :-)

So, why don’t you start to contribute to Ubuntu?


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5 thoughts on “One year later…

  1. Yeah , that is really inspired me to complete my work on my own book about Ubuntu ,
    talk to ordinary users , but I didn’t write a code before

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